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Late Night Rant
Mr Brightside
Sleepless Sunday Night
Appeal for FUNDS!!
Rule of 4 vs Red Mist
A Social Experiment. (spoilers!! )
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November 26, 2008

Late Night Rant

Lots of things floating in my mind, disjointed pieces of information floating about..

Well be warned the following is highly dis organized n may not make sense but if you would like u can read on...

Greed, thirst?? sometimes u just wanna know everything but you cant cause you lack the mental capacity to keep up with everything. Yet u still want to know?? well i think that's just the way it is. Want things to be complicated with many links yet you are unable to handle the responsibility n commitments that it entails. Maybe things are better off just being simple perhaps.. Like a piece of wire with many hooks i am, there are many threads, u want to hold on so u deep yourself into a great big multitude of threads but u realise that u are unable to handle the weight and just snap!! Stubbornly you still cling on to everyone, perhaps you should just let go?? Why try to hold on to something that is obviously beyond your capacity n ability.. Maybe things will be simple if you just limit yourself to a few fields and concentrate on them. Try to excel in this fields?? but than there will be no variety, the spice of life will be gone without variety.. Monotony is a killer of the soul, it saps u and drains u, but you r unable to handle it.. Maybe we are all just lonely people?? seating here looking around for something to occupy our lives. You make new frens but how many are people that you can really talk to and share your problems with??? Everyone can offer a listening ear how many of them really care??? Do i even care if they care??

Ok i think its time i should close this pandora box =P

Cheers n smilez

September 10, 2008

Mr Brightside

Been MIA for awhile.. Keke..
Well planning a big and super uber long post soon so look forward to it =P
till than enjoy this video...
Really love it right now for no reason in particular~ =D

August 25, 2008

Sleepless Sunday Night

The clock reads 5.33am and my body refuses the to be lull into the dark embrace of sleep. Guess is the 2 cups of tea I had during supper just now. As it is the case for me, when I am unable to sleep, my mind will just be on auto pilot as I ponder over my thoughts and ideas. Which brings me here to blog about some of the going on in my head =D

I have often been describe as laid-back, relaxed or happy go lucky by those who are more kind, and have been called a slacker, aimless idler among many others by those who are less kind. All are true as I slowly amble through the day. Here is why I do so, in my eyes, life is a long journey. Too often, I feel that we are blinded by where we want to go that we forget to take care of ourselves as we get there.

You can set many goals in life, which are akin to destinations during your journey through life. You rushed through life as you struggle to reach your destinations as quickly as possible. In your single-minded pursuit, you will tend to lose sight of the scenery along the way. When you reach your destination, there is every chance that you may not like the destination where you are at.

Personally, I would rather travel at a steady pace. Fast enough to reach my destination in good time, yet slow enough to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way. That way when you realize your desired destination ain't that great. You could still take away the sights and sounds of the journey.

Everything will come, in good time, with a little luck and hard work. I would place more emphasis on the "good", rather than the "time". =D

August 24, 2008

Appeal for FUNDS!!

This is an appeal from the FTBF. (Feed The Bert Foundation) It has fallen on hard times and as a result, there is a lack of funds to feed bert. Please I appeal to everyone to donate kindly and generously!! Bert really need your funds and every single cent will go a long way in helping us in our many programs. We have many informative and educational programs one the feeding of bert. Once more please donate generously!! =D

August 11, 2008

Rule of 4 vs Red Mist

Once again a red mist descends upon me, as a result I pissed of someone close. A minor scuffle it was this time compared with the usual full blown war that this red mist bring about. Nevertheless this time around, this may have rather long lasting implications if I am not too careful.

Well I thought that this was no longer a problem anymore!! My temper is usually in check at all times and seldom is anyone able to get under my skin. I think most people can vouch for that, but why is it only with kin that the fuse runs short. Tremendously short.. Well gotta implement a self checking system within myself!! Rule of 4 i call it =P haha

Basically, if anyone pissed me off or i few super angry, count to 4 first than cool down. Next than think of a suitable response, if possible try NOT to response and just brush it aside as I usually do. Well as everyone know, there are no prizes for being nice, so give the offender 4 chances b4 i explode. Warn them of the impending eruption after the 4th time that they piss me off still, give them hell...

Hopefully this will help controlling my sometimes short temper =P


August 09, 2008

A Social Experiment. (spoilers!! )

Finally watched the dark knight on Thursday, well the movie is really thought provoking i must say. All the good reviews were well deserved and i enjoyed it alot!! =D A big thank you to shean for the good company to watch the movie =D

Hmm.. the memories of the movie is still played out vividly in my mind, but one particular scene left a very strong impression in my mind. The scene goes like this, the joker has planted bombs on 2 ferries, one filled with convicts, the other filled with with civilians. Each ferry had the detonator to the other ferries bombs, and the occupants have to make a decision. Either blow up the other ferry or do nothing and let the other ferry blow you up, and just for fun, the joker imposes a deadline for them to make a decision. If neither ferries goes up in smoke by the deadline, both ferries will go up in smoke. As insurance, if anyone leaves the ferry, both ferries will be blown up as well.

Well interesting experiment, even if its a bit brutal. What would you do if you will place in this situtation. Would you blow up the other ferry?? Will you wait to be safe?? What would you do?? What is the "right" decision?? Is there a right decision....

Cheers~ winkz*

July 26, 2008

List of Things

Bert been in a funk for the past few weeks. Why?? Nobody knows why.. Is it because of hangover from the FOC camp? entry of new emotions into his life once more? or just plain tired after a period of high activity?? That is the question bert has been thinking about and he believe he has finally found the answer!!

Answer is yesh to all of the above 3 reasons.In addition now that the FOC camp is over there is nothing on for the WHOLE month of august.. For now at least.. So heres a list of things bert is going to do in august!!

1) Drag his ass down to start his driving lessons. ( Yesh that kuku still only got licence to drive daytona)

2) Buy a NEW pair of jeans ( His old pair has a hole in it le )

3) Buy a NEW pair of spikes and Converse shoe ( Banana shoe now look like KNN shoe )

4) Reorganize his room and clear out the old clutter ( He still have his JC notes can u believe it!!)

5) Go and watch The Dark Knight ( He heard that Heath Ledger acting is damn good in the flim )

6) Train and Train harder ( Gotta get back his lean body )

7) Quit SISTIC call center ( Finally he has decided to leave that place )

8) Sign up for wine appreciation course ( So he can act atas next time when he drink wine )

9) Meet up with HOT STUFFS ( He complain like super duper long never see everyone le )

10) Go Ubin Cycling Trip ( Missing out Twice is 2 times too many )

Thats about all that bert has come up with for now.. Well if you like to help him accomplish any of the above feel free to tag the tag board and we will get in touch in you -- Feed The Bert Foundation